Q.What is Safe Tracking?
A. Is a real time vehicle tracking and fleet management system developed & maintained by Geo & Logic GIS Solutions, Dubai U.A.E. The software is web enabled & can be availed on a subscription basis. Safe Tracking uses state of the art GPS devices and brings real-time vehicle locations combined with Telematics to various client requirements.
Q.How does Safe tracking solutions work?

Safe Tracking servers listens to the GPS/GPRS/GSM enabled AVL (Automatic vehicle locators) fixed in client vehicles which are sending GPS signals 24/7. The AVL acquires position signals from the satellite & sends it back to application servers through GPRS. Safe tracking system analyzes the position signal & stores it in the database.

Clients can view the real-time movement of vehicle by logging into the website using secure login process, with the help of easy-to-use interactive web maps, users can quickly and easily identify their vehicles on the Internet, saving valuable time with point-and-click simplicity.

Q.How often can the device transmit signals?

The device is configured to transmit signals frequently when it is travelling and less frequently when it is stopped.

The AVL unit transmits signals based on distance & time interval configurations. In the ideal case, devices are configured to send position updated on each kilometer. Based on the criticality of operation, the duration of signals can be customized to provide more accuracy. Apart from this, safe tracking servers are frequently sending keep-alive signals to the devices to make sure that GPS system is not tampered and is working without fail.

Q.How much does the SIM card cost me?

Normally, beam wave is installing AVL’s in client vehicles with pre-configured GPRS SIM cards. The GPRS/GSM enabled SIM card used in the AVL is the property of beam wave. No cost will be charged from the client for purchase, activation, rentals, usage of GPRS SIM cards.

However if the vehicle goes out the country, roaming charges applicable will be charged.

Again, if the customer would like to use voice facility for two way communication, the billed amount for voice calls will be charged from the customer.

* For retail purchases of safe tracking devices (safe tracking Starter Kit-from shopping malls or retail shops), SIM card will not be included with the pack. The customer is requested to buy a GPRS enabled SIM card from the GSM provider and use it as per the instructions.

Q.Do you support voice enable sim card
A. We do support voice enabled SIM card based on the requirement. If the client requires two way voice communication or panic button, then the voice enabled SIM card is required.
Q.Does safe tracking support roaming options?
A. Yes, roaming is supported but roaming costs on the SIM card are billed separately.
Q.Is it possible to have my own SIM card?
A. Yes, it is possible.
Q.What information is required from my Cell sim provider in order that safe tracking device can be configured?
A. the AVL requires a SIM card for data communications in which GPRS is activated. You may need to find the Access Point Name (APN) used by the GSM provider (Mobile service provider); an Access Point Name (APN) identifies an external network that is accessible from a terminal. To check the APN configuration for various providers, please follow the link http://www.taniwha.org.uk/gprs.html
Q.Are you seeking resellers?
A. Beam Wave is currently developing a national distribution plan; we are looking for resellers & partners in the GCC & wider Middle East. If your company is interested in partnering with beam wave, please contact us at maher@beamwave.sa
Q.what is the warranty for my device?
A. Beam Wave provides a warranty of 1 year for the AVL hardware from the date of purchase.
Q.Do you provide extended warranty?
A. No, but you can opt to be covered by our annual maintenance plan at a very low cost.
Q.Do you need to install the control software?
A. No, safe tracing tracking solutions & Fleet management is a web based system. Since the system is accessible through web browser, there is no need to be installed locally on your PCs. Simply connect to www.beamwave.sa from any PC connected to the internet and enter your user name and password to begin to use the service. No installation or local updating on your company computers. Safe tracking can also be used in a multi-user, multi-branch and multi-company mode.
Q.How the device GPS installed.
A. The device is installed in your vehicle by certified auto electricians. For any installations, customers can schedule an appointment with safe tracking support center (24/7) and the electrician will visit your place in a day’s time.
Q.What sort of report I can get?

Fleet Reporting
The safe tracking Online Report Center generates detailed activity reporting on driver and vehicle performance. Reports provide vehicle activity details such as vehicle speed, distance, stop and start times. This vehicle data provides a historical record of the vehicle's activities that can be utilized to confirm 'on the job' times and protect your road warriors with detailed records of their whereabouts. Report data can be exported into corporate databases via XML or HTML

You can get reports for travel time and stopped time, trip duration, over speeding, geofence and landmark report. Other Types of reports like ; Vehicle Activity Reports, Exception Reporting, Vehicle Status and the Telematics Report, Salik report & maintenance report.

Q.Why should I consider safe tracking tracking solutions?
A. Vehicle tracking systems are increasingly becoming a part of any large company’s risk management and safety strategies. Reduced speeding and unauthorized use pay back quickly when accidents are reduced and asset theft is eliminated. Driver behavior is improved and overall fleet policies are reinforced with a tracking mechanism that provides real data in the case of violations. Positive reinforcement is also enabled. Among the corporate objectives that safe tracking Tracking solution provides are enhanced customer service, improved fleet efficiency, lower operating costs, compliance with corporate or state and federal mandates and driver safety through location awareness and emergency response.
Q.What makes safe tracking unique?
A. Safe tracking tracking solution is one of the most experienced GPS/GPRS/GSM tracking vendors using a very friendly, reliable software, with a lot of functionalities covering all your needs and demands that can be further customized according to your business operations. In particular, safe tracking was one of the first solution providers for terrestrial applications. The near real-time delivery of data and messages using safe tracking can be crucial in emergency situations like theft and robberies.
Q.What is a Web based solution?

Many vehicle tracking solutions require software to be installed on your computer. In this scenario you are left with the hassle of loading, configuring, maintaining and upgrading the application.

With the safe tracking web based vehicle tracking solution, we take care of all the hassles for you. Our web based vehicle tracking software is run and maintained by us, the experts. All you need is a web browser (such as Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or above) to access the system.

Simply put, there is no software to load, maintain, or upgrade, thereby reducing ongoing costs, time and headaches. Safe tracking handles all the maintenance and upgrades the Internet vehicle tracking software as and when needed, without you having to know or do anything.

The major advantage of a web based vehicle tracking solution is you can work from any internet enabled computer. Manage your fleet from any office, home, or on the road, all with no additional setup or maintenance fees.

Imagine being out of town or in another country, yet having complete real time access to all your fleet's information. Or imagine wooing a potential client with a live demonstration of your ability to track goods, all from the client's premises.

Q.What happens if my vehicle leaves a coverage area?
A. safe tracking in-vehicle hardware will store data until coming back into coverage. At this point, all location data is transmitted from the vehicle to our server. This means that even if a vehicle is out of coverage for an extended period of time, there will still be complete history of the vehicle's movements after the vehicle returns to coverage.
Q.Is it possible to communicate with the driver through the device?

Yes, it is possible to have two way communications from the control station to the driver of the vehicle.

We can implement headset/speaker & microphone so that the control center/fleet manager can speak with the driver by dialing the SIM card number. For the voice facility to be activated, a voice enabled SIM card has to be placed. Also, a voice call can be initiated by the driver by pressing on the voice option button (panic button).

Q.For what kind of business safe tracking tracking solution is appropriate?

The target market for the safe tracking solutions & fleet management is Regional/Urban Fleets with high data throughput requirements, a requirement for real-time applications, Internet and back office connectivity. Also delivers a competitive AVL solution for customers seeking a fleet tracking application as the first of their telematics applications.

Target Fleet Markets:

  • Security - drive-by residential & commercial security
  • Construction – Specialty Trade Contractors, Building & Heavy
  • Services – HAVC – Plumbing / Heat & Air, Towing
  • Business, Personal, Health – building maintenance, equipment rental, linen services, security system services, locksmith, waste management, home care, lawn service, lumber
  • Passenger Transit – limousines, taxis, shuttles, buses, Trucking – long haul and regional carriers
  • Wholesale / Retail – industrial machinery, petroleum, beverages and groceries
  • Waste Management – municipal waste carriers
  • Municipalities - City, County, State, Public Utilities
Q.Is Safe tracking tracking solution data secure?

Data security policy of Geo & Logic

Safe tracking Servers receive real-time signals from AVLs (operating from different parts in the world) at its ‘ G&L Network Operations Center ’ in Jeddah, KSA.

Safe tracking system allows enterprise users to conveniently log onto its portal to retrieve and interpret information about their assets.

Data access is customer controlled through password security.

We control physical security in relation to the information and personal data that is contained at our facilities and restrict access to the site, buildings, computer rooms, office desk, technology areas, equipment and other facilities where unauthorized access by people could compromise our security.

It’s is Beam wave’s data security policy to not to use any of the personal data for any advertisement purpose, and we can assure you that the data with beam wave is secure.

Q.What is Telematics vs. AVL?

Telematics: is a wireless communications system designed for the collection and dissemination of data. Applications include vehicle-based electronic systems, mobile telephony, vehicle tracking and positioning, on-line navigation and information services and emergency assistance. Static applications include stock control (automatic ordering), and monitoring of utilities meters.

Q.What kind of Telemetry Services you are providing?

Safe tracking provides remote vehicle controls and alerts that provide the following benefits:

  • On-board vehicle equipment monitoring for usage activity. Provides reporting that is analyzed to assess average work order times and to verify overall equipment activity.
  • Panic alerts provide lone workers an in-vehicle emergency situation communications method beyond voice.
  • Temperature of trailers can be monitored for variances that would damage perishable goods.
  • Vehicles can be controlled remotely to open/lock doors, immobilize engines (in case of theft) and monitor excessive speed.
Q. What fleet management services are available?

Location Services GPS Fleet Tracking -

  • Basic web-based fleet tracking - Internet based mapping solution that provides basic tracking and mapping capability. (Safe tracking Online +Plus - Local Map Database, using google map.
  • Enhanced fleet tracking – our Internet based portal supported by a local mapping database that provides enhanced routing and location mapping with customer or landmark capability.

Geofencing: A Geofence can set up a virtual boundary that will trigger a predefined response via an e-mail to e-mail pager phone etc. (alert to phone or PDA) when crossed by a vehicle.

Polling: Individual vehicles can be polled for their location on-demand in situations where only present position information is desired The ability to “Ping on Demand in real time..

Landmark Definition: This Landmark feature enables users to import landmarks from a data source (ie. Customer database from MS Outlook, MS Access, ODBC, text file) and plot them on their map. These landmarks can then be used in the Nearest Vehicle Location Service (described below) or displayed on the Activity Report, Stop Report or Telematics Report along with the address.

Nearest Vehicle: This feature enables users to find the nearest vehicle to an address, point-of-interest or landmark. The subscriber can specify the number of vehicles to display and the search radius and a list of candidate vehicles that match the criteria are returned, sorted by distance from the landmark or address.

Q. What are the top fleet management issues?
  • Productivity
  • Unnecessary Overtime
  • Routing / Navigation
  • Excessive Fuel / Mileage
  • Workload distribution
  • Employee Safety
  • Merchandise / Asset /Cargo security
  • Customer service
  • Moonlighting & personal usage of vehicle
  • Dispatching accuracy (required technician for each job)
  • Communications – workers not responding to back office
  • Work flow status
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Maintenance Scheduling
  • Safety
Q.What is the primary ROI for fleet customers?
A. Safe tracking helps to achieve increased efficiency and productivity of fleets. Refer to the ROI calculator that provides an analysis tool for presenting the benefits of location services. Safe tracking delivers a robust, always on, Internet capable fleet area network. A platform that a fleet manager can build on incrementally as their unique application needs arise.
Q. Can I create users and Sub users inside the software with authorization
A. Yes you can create and add as many as you desire.