Rental Car Solutions

Beam WaveThe rental car solutions is a web-based customizable advanced car booking rental solution brings outstanding ease of use, functionality and flexibility to your rental car business , capable of handling all commercial characteristics , highly tailored in accordance with the needs and trade requirements of a Car Rental Companies

Safe Cab Management Solution

Beam WaveSafe Cab offers a sophisticated modern solution – a custom designed phone app that runs on any smart phone, providing a vast set of features to enable drivers to accept jobs and dispatch the nearest driver, plan routes and communicate with customers and controllers through a range of channels.

Fleet Management Solutions

Beam WaveFleet management solutions is a multipurpose and cost-efficient fleet monitoring solutions. Drivers and dispatchers work together to improve customer rejoinder and optimize fleet resources to attain lower costs, efficiency and higher return on investment.


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As a government fleet manager, you need to meet high expectations demand for services while maintaining accountability of where your vehicles are and what drivers are doing with them.You need a solution to improve visibility into fleet usage , optimize routes plan, decrease unnecessary idling, reduce mileage and fuel consumption.

With the success of Safe Tracking Solutions client soon realized added efficiencies and improvements in different area such as.

  • Improve fuel usage
  • Reduce hard vehicle usage
  • Improve vehicle maintenance
  • Reduce overtime payment
  • Monitor vehicle maintenance


Beam WaveWhere’s my vehicle? Where’s the driver? Where’s that customer order? Can this overtime claim be correct? How is the vehicle being used? Is our trust being abused? Do we manage and control an effective route planning? Do we set the routes and replay the journeys if required for comparison?


Beam WaveAllows Each Driver To “Login” To A Vehicle Reports Indicate Which Driver Was Driving Create Driver Accountability for Incidents


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Safe cab solutions is used in public transport which is automatically, intelligently and accurately collected the getting on-off traffic. Also Star Finder Bus makes time management about traffic information for each site, and it is the information detection, management system during statistical analysis of vehicle operating.

Public transport owners and managers makes a planning, vehicle scheduling, and operations management, which are based on real time tracking , clear and accurate statistical data of passenger traffic. It is the effective solutions to count and assess the traffic.


Beam WaveDo you ever wonder whether your vehicles are being used efficiency? Does your fleet management need a comprehensive affordable and user friendly tool to keep you abreast of developments as they occur? Our solutions intensely reduce the time drivers wait for dispatch instructions and increase productivity.


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Using a Safe Tracking solutions helps you spontaneously track when your vehicles enter and leave the project site using our geo fencing and land marking feature., calculate the real working hours, manage the weekly time sheets and overtime, making each of your drivers more productive every day and monitoring the fuel and servicing costs and calculate fuel consumption more precisely.

Using our reports, you can distinguish between fuel used to power equipment on site and fuel used to travel down the highway.

Management solutions of Hajj and Umrah companies and institutions

Beam Wave

Management solutions of multi-bus fleets characteristics in terms of monitoring and follow-up buses and the number of working hours and places of bus presence and movement at the same time and follow-up direct and live.